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Off-grid energy generation and storage for buildings inc. houses, garden offices, tiny homes, park homes, static caravans, industrial, farm and outbuildings.

We can provide a host of solutions to your energy and power delivery requirements. From complete renewable energy solutions including solar PV to individual components, we carry the extensive Victron Energy range and complimentary products.

We know how important it is to have a reliable power supply. Victron Energy offers a broad range of equipment and solutions designed for your off-grid power system. From quality fuses to fully integrated power delivery and monitoring solutions, the Victron range encompasses battery chargers, battery protection and monitors, power inverters, highly efficient solar charging systems, batteries and complete system monitoring/control.


 For your peace of mind, Victron products come with an industry-leading 5 year warranty, with optional upgrade to 10 years on selected products  (Victron batteries carry a 2 year warranty, or 3 years on LiFePO4) and even after a products' end of life, parts remain available for years so your original investment is protected.

We can help you with your system design from energy requirements audits to wiring and installation diagrams, exploring with you the options best suited to achieve your aims within your budget.
For replacement and upgrade of your electrical systems we have years of knowledge and expertise to advise and ensure that the integration with existing/legacy systems can be accomplished with the minimum of expense and disruption.


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