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Energy Storage 

From an engine start battery to a complete off-grid energy storage system, we supply batteries in a range of technologies, from quality brands including Victron Energy, Pylontech, Varta and Numax.

The Domestic or Service battery installation (Energy storage solution) is at the heart of any off-grid system including systems installed on boats, camper vans and buildings.
The Service battery installation must be able to support the power requirements of the equipment/appliances used, for the duration of use, when no other form of power is available.

When it comes to battery capacity, what comes out, must go back in. However, it is not a simple calculation because other things such as the battery chemistry, charging efficiency, temperature etc. all affect the recharge of the batteries. 


With regard to overall capacity, without conducting a thorough Energy Audit of the electrical loads on the system and their frequency of use, it is difficult to specify the total battery capacity required to sustain the system during ‘normal’ use. This can lead to over/under specifying the battery capacity resulting in disappointing performance, reduced service life or excessive cost. This is why a thorough Energy Audit is important in order to understand and properly establish the requirement. The objective, when looking at Service battery requirements, is to achieve a balance between overall capacity, power delivery recharge time and cost. 

When making comparisons, there are several elements to take into consideration such as initial investment, capacity, cycle life, cost per cycle etc. All of these elements need to be balanced in order to ascertain which option/s present the best value.
Our range of services include system design, sales and installation backed up with pre and post sale technical support. For replacement and upgrade of your electrical systems we have years of knowledge and expertise to advise and ensure that integration with existing/legacy systems can be accomplished with the minimum of expense and disruption.

Whether you require replacement batteries, are planning a new energy storage solution or a complete, integrated electrical system, we can help you with the selection of components and, if you require help with the design of your system, or have questions regarding the integration of existing/legacy products we can advise on the best course of action to achieve your aims.


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