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Energy Generation, Energy Storage and Power Delivery solutions for just about anything off-grid!

Off Grid Systems

With ever-increasing energy supplier bills, the cost of grid-connected power systems and environmental concerns, many people are seeking viable alternatives when it comes to powering their homes and businesses.

We provide bespoke off-grid power solutions be it for Residential, Commercial, Farming or Leisure.

From a glamping pod, garden office or static caravan to a three-phase industrial unit, our tailored solutions are designed to deliver reliable power where you need it.

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Off Grid

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An Holistic Approach

We take an holistic approach to your energy storage and power delivery requirements.

Each project starts with an energy and power audit to determine what your overall energy storage and power demands are likely to be.

From this we can select either a standard or bespoke system that will meet those requirements, allowing for future expansion of the system should your requirements change.

Emergency Supply / Backup

Whilst clean, renewable sources of energy from solar, wind and/or hydro is the objective, there are instances where a backup/emergency supply may be required – usually, this would include a generator.

Should that be the case, we can offer solutions that incorporate a generator into the system, configured to operate automatically when circumstances demand and within defined hours.