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Victron Fuses & Fuse Holders

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Besides an assortment of ANL, MIDI and MEGA fuses, we feature three different types of fuse holders:

  • Simple single fuse holders for each of above fuse types.
  • A six-way fuse holder, MEGA fuses only.
  • Modular single fuse holders, for MEGA fuses only. With an optional busbar accessory to efficiently connect multiple fuses together.

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Fuse Holder for Midi Fuse, MIDI-60A/32V(x5), MIDI 80A/32V(x5), MIDI 100A/32V(x5), MIDI 125A/32V(x5), MIDI 150A/32V(x5), MIDI 200A/32V(x5), Fuse Holder for MEGA Fuse, Fuse Holder 6-Way for MEGA Fuse, Modular Fuse Holder For MEGA Fuse, MEGA 60A/32V(x5), MEGA 80A/32V(x5), MEGA 100A/32V(x5), MEGA 125A/32V(x5), MEGA 150A/32V(x5), MEGA 175A/32V, MEGA 200A/32V(x5), MEGA 225A/32v(x5), MEGA 250A/32V(x5), MEGA 300A/32V(x5), MEGA 400A/32V(x5), MEGA 500A/32V(x5), Busbar To Connect 5 CIP100200100, Busbar To Connect 6 CIP100200100


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